• Brenda Sanders

Dr. Milton Mills of Plant Based Nation on Food & Justice w/Brenda Sanders

ABOUT DR. MILTON MILLS Dr. Milton Mills is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine and a practicing critical care physician in the Washington, DC metro area. Dr. Mills’ compassionate and encompassing worldview has led him to apply his knowledge about preventative healthcare toward the unique challenges of those who are under-served by the mainstream medical model: minority and less affluent populations. As Associate Director of Preventative Medicine for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), he co-authored articles on the Racial Bias in Federal Nutrition Policy published in the Journal of the National Medical Association. A powerful public speaker and most important, an empathetic healthcare ally, Dr. Mills is a foremost advocate for a whole food, plant-based diet. ABOUT BRENDA SANDERS Brenda Sanders is a vegan food justice activist who co-founded Thrive Baltimore, a community resource center that offers free classes, workshops, cooking demos and other programming that supports people in living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. She’s also executive director of Afro-Vegan Society, a nonprofit organization that provides resources to people in marginalized communities to assist them in transitioning to veganism, co-creator of Vegan SoulFest, an annual festival that celebrates culture and all aspects of vegan living and co-owner of The Greener Kitchen, a vegan deli and food distributor that produces plant-based foods that are both affordable and accessible. Brenda is also the host of Food & Justice, a weekly online video series and podcast that tackles issues of food access, environmental justice, health disparities, dietary racism, and other topics related to food and justice.

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