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Try Our Solidarity Food Plan!

Are any or all of the following issues of concern to you?

  • You want to improve your health and prevent disease by going plant-based

  • You would like to adopt more compassion into your life because you care about the horrific animal and employee abuse in factory farming

  • You want to help heal the planet and improve your food carbon footprint

  • You want to decolonize your body, learn to trust your own intuition and heal yourself and others in your community

  • You’re ready to boycott corporate America’s disease-for-profit food system

All are very good reasons to try our food plan, stick with the vegan changes that you make and improve your life and health.

The Solidarity Food Plan is designed to keep you full and satisfied so you can transition away from the toxic protein-laden foods that are keeping us sick.

Unlike the handful of other food/meal plans we found, ours incorporates 3 full meals and 2 snacks, 7 days a week. Our plan also incorporates a surprising amount of organic foods, fresh veggies and fruits. You’ll also find whole grains, legumes, tofu and lots of different and tasty spices. We want you to enjoy your food, not feel like you need to suffer to achieve your goals. This plan was informed by a family of vegan foodies and 30 years of trying and improving on recipes that will make you excited about your meals.

By putting this food plan together, we’ve busted the myth that only affluent people can afford to be vegan. The ingredients list was priced in 5 different areas of the country and compared to the amount that recipients of those areas would receive through EBT. EBT (electronic benefit transfer) is an electronic system that allows state welfare departments to issue benefits through a card that acts like a debit card. Each month, the benefit amount is deposited into the individual’s EBT account. The individual is then able to use the debit card (which is called an EBT Card) to make purchases or make payments at approved locations or buy approved items. All items on the list were labeled as EBT eligible.

Another important aspect of this plan is that when an item is mentioned in a recipe, the ingredient is on the list as the purchase of a full bag or box, not just the miniscule amount that a recipe uses. We saw other plans that handled their cost this way and felt this was sort of misleading. When whole wheat flour is mentioned, the ingredients list has a 5 lb bag of whole wheat flour. When a tiny amount of sugar is called for, we put a 2 lb package of organic cane sugar on the list. Our pricing assumes that you will need to buy every single thing on our list, so it is more realistic with the pricing. If you have some of the ingredients, you’ll obviously save a lot more money.

There are many organic ingredients on our list. We also recommend lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Plan is high in fiber and nutrients to keep you feeling satisfied. We also don’t scrimp on the spices. There’s no reason to have boring food! If you follow the full 28 day plan, you’ll have 18 different spices in your cabinet by the end. You will also build your confidence as a vegan and learn to feed yourself in a way that is healthy and fulfilling.

Give our plan a try and let us know what you think. I can be reached at I’d love to hear from you!


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