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What’s Next?

If you’re reading this I hope it means you’ve finished all 4 weeks of our Solidarity Food Plan. I hope you feel great and empowered by your new way of living and eating and want to keep going. Do you see now how eating vegan is easier than most people think? And I feel certain that we’ve busted the myth that going plant based is too expensive, right? Why would anyone go back to eating meat and dairy when you can eat this way?

I mentioned earlier in the guide that everything meat and dairy based can be made vegan. I’m not kidding! Do you have some family favorites that you just hate to give up? Veganize them! Then try them out on your family and show them how it’s done. Use your search engine to see how other people have done it. There’s so much great and helpful information out there, so just tap into it and keep going!

I want to leave you with some information that might blow your mind, but will give you an even bigger reason to stay on your vegan path: do you know that “18 out of the top 20 pharmaceutical products are medicines that treat diseases associated with meat and dairy foods”. Here’s an article that goes into more detail. Read it and arm yourself with this information so you can help other people in your life.

Another thing I want you to consider is to eat more local grown produce. You can visit our Neighborly Farm page to learn more about how “food miles” (the distance that produce travels from farm to grocer) can massively reduce the nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables. Whether you buy from local farmers and gardeners, or grow your own*, whatever produce you can get locally amounts to a massive investment in your health– and your community.

*I was never a gardener, but a couple of years ago we started a plan to try and grow our own food. My family used to tease me about killing houseplants, so no one is more surprised by how much I love gardening than my family! It is really fun and rewarding.

Maybe you don’t have a yard or any space to garden where you live. Consider a community garden. If you don’t have one in your area, start one! It would be a lot of fun. You can also try container gardening. Some people use a closet in their apartment and rig up lights for a grow room. There are tons of options for growing your own food. If you grow your own food, it will be so much more nutritious than what you buy from the grocery store, not to mention that you’ll save money.



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