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Welcome to Week 2!

Day 1

Snack - Hunger Buster: Celery w/peanut butter

Snack - Super Satisfying Energy Bites

Day 2

Snack - Hunger Buster: Tasty Chocolately Trail Mix

Snack - Energy Boost: Apple w/Peanut Butter

Day 3

Snack - Hunger Buster: Celery w/peanut butter

Day 4

Snack - Hunger Buster: Apple w/peanut butter

Lunch - Spicy Cajun Soup (from yesterday)

Dinner - African Peanut Stew w/Sweet Potatoes

Day 5

Snack - Hunger Buster: Tasty Chocolately Trail Mix

Lunch - African Peanut Stew (from yesterday)

Day 6

Snack - Hunger Buster: Celery w/peanut butter

Snack - Curried Chickpea Salad w/Chips or Veggies

Day 7

Snack - Hunger Buster: Apple w/peanut butter

Lunch - Smoky Savory Collard Wraps (from yesterday)


I hope things are going well for you. Are you starting to have more energy? Do you notice a change in the foods you are craving yet? Are you detoxing? Some people experience extreme anger and frustration at the beginning of a change to plant based diet, but that is just your body detoxing. It will pass and you will start to feel so much better! If you’ve been eating a lot of fast food in the past, your body is addicted to those foods. They were designed to make you addicted. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Be sure to drink lots of water to help it along. If you have any questions, contact me at

One of our favorite new things that I introduced this week is the Smoothie Bowl! My oldest daughter said it’s like eating ice cream for breakfast. In the winter I really don’t enjoy drinking a smoothie, but for some reason, putting it in a bowl and adding things like homemade granola, nuts, seeds or fresh fruit, completely changes the dynamic and I really enjoy it!

I’ve also introduced the Protein Breakfast Bowl. You may look at the ingredients and think...this is not high protein, but it is! This dish really demonstrates how we have been tricked to think that if we don’t eat meat, we won’t get enough protein. The truth is, your doctor wouldn’t even recognize a protein deficiency because they are non existent in the modern world. If you’re a meat eater, you’re getting WAY TOO MUCH protein. If you’re a vegan and eating even a halfway decent diet, you’re getting enough. So, get ready for that question and prepare yourself to answer it. Protein is in everything and you are getting enough protein on this meal plan.

Red beans are the bean of the week. We use them in several different recipes. The most labor intensive recipe is the Collard Leaves Stuffed with Red Beans & Rice. Be sure to make this recipe on a day when you have time to enjoy working with the collard leaves. It’s a fun and very pretty recipe. I found a humongous bunch of collard leaves for $3.98. I had so much that I was able to use 12 leaves for the recipe and then chop up the rest for a pot of collard greens. It was all so delicious and healthy!

Another recipe that has become a favorite of my family is the Shepherd’s Pie. It is so easy and there’s no crust but it is really delicious and filling. I was afraid we would miss the crust, but we didn’t!

Potato Soup is another thing that my family loves. One thing I do if I have the time and ingredients, is make croutons out of the ends of our bread loves. You don’t need a ton of them and it feels decadent to add croutons to your soup. Just brush olive oil on the bread, sprinkle some spices, cut the bread into desired crouton size and bake for about 15 minutes at 300. If you like your croutons more crunchy, just bake for a little longer, checking frequently.


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