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Interview w/ National Black Food & Justice Alliance’s LeeAnn Morrissette

ABOUT LEEANN LeeAnn Morrissette is the Communications & Culture Coordinator for The National Black Food and Justice Alliance. LeeAnn is an award-winning filmmaker, nationally published photographer and writer based in Atlanta, GA. Her articles have been featured on Good Food Jobs, Raw on Wheels, Blavity, & Black Girl In Om. Her most recent work, With These Hands presented by SAAFON is an intimate visual telling of the works and lives of 6 Black farmers from around the deep southeastern states showcasing how Black agrarianism is revitalizing our ecosystem, building community and reconnecting people of the Black diaspora with our history. She is committed to documenting & amplifying the stories of Black people reclaiming what it means to live well and free from the wounds of generational land-based trauma.

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