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Garlic Bread

If you are gluten free like 80% of my family, you really enjoy bread when you can get it. We buy Schar brand the most often because I can get it at a greatly reduced price and it’s a really great bread! We use every single slice as well as the ends (or heels as some people call them). I’ve found that the ends are great to use as burger buns or garlic bread. Sometimes it’s really hard to find gluten free bread and we have used hamburger buns or even hot dog buns. It really just depends on what we can find available in our area for a reasonable cost. So, once you have your bread of choice, below are my instructions for making a quick and easy garlic bread.


Bread of choice

Vegan margarine or olive oil

Garlic powder

Dried parsley (optional)

Salt (optional)


Heat oven to 400. Spread vegan margarine or you can use a cooking brush to spread olive oil on the bread. Sprinkle garlic powder, parsley & salt. Bake for about 10 minutes. Check frequently to make sure it’s not getting too brown. This is one of those times when you have to use your judgement because some people like their bread barely warmed and soft and some like it almost burned. It’s best to make this right before you serve your meal so it’s just like you prefer it.

Good to know:

Who doesn’t love some nice warm bread to go with your meal? Sometimes you just need a little something extra to round out your meal. I’m not going to try to rationalize any nutritional elements to this, just enjoy it because you deserve it!


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